Regional Cheese

Made of 100% premium cow milk

Cheeses made with the expertise of Korkmaz Süt have a “unique taste” thanks to our unique production technique.

Our cheeses are kept in the waiting room for 15 days after their production.

For those who seek unique consistency and unique taste in Kashar Cheese …

Cheese that’s especially indispensable for our breakfast is produced by our experts without compromising quality.

Protecting the cold chain, we distribute our products in every corner of Turkey by our fleet’s refrigerated trucks in order to bring them together with our valued consumers.

We produce types of cheese such as cheddar, tongue shaped cheese, braided cheese, lavash cheese, string cheese, cheese ball, feta cheese, Hatay cheese, Urfa cheese. We still increase the range of our cheese types.

We have packages as 1kg Jar, 2.5kg and 3kg Pan.