Our adventure that we started in 2011

Our adventure that we started to produce milk with 100 cattle in 20 decares in 2011 has continued with the production of yoghurt and buttermilk in 2013.

Constantly developing on this path, we’ve been growing steadily with a goal that is providing unique and traditional tastes as quality, hygienic and healthy.

In 2018, our modern and technological new facility with an open area of 10,000 m2 and a closed area of 6,000 m2 was designed. Having 500 cattles in our ranch, we contribute the economy and development of the country.

We follow the latest technological developments in the world, develop our production capacity and our technologically equipped modern facility day by day, and produce in accordance with national and international quality standards.

We always aim to High Standards in Quality

Having expert flavorists, we turn tons of milk into products varying as yoghurt, ayran, several types of cheese, butter and cream everyday.

Producing our various products and supplying them to local and national chain stores, we face our valued consumers with TAT and ARVEL brand in shelves.

We constantly monitor and audit every step of production in order to deliver hygienic, healthy and quality products to consumers.


It is to produce the healthiest, quality and loving dairy products possible and to satisfy them by providing them with the highest quality service to their customers.

Our Values:

Holistic love
Health and quality
Customer satisfaction and loyalty
Passion, dedication, determination and perseverance


As we progress towards establishing synergistic structures and systems in unity with our continuous learning, development and renewal values; We have adopted openness, transparency and responsible libertarian understanding.

Accordingly, our core values are:

Honesty and reliability
Respect and humility
Consistency and sustainability
Constructive competition
To do the best one can